Paid Surveys  - Our Favourite 10 Paid For Survey Companies

Paid Surveys - Our Favourite 10 Paid For Survey Companies

American Consumer Opinion Panel

Despite the panel name, ACOP is looking for consumer opinion survey respondents from around the world and conducts paid survey panels in 9 different languages. ACOP surveys are invitation only. Registered members of the survey panel are sent brief screener surveys to test elligibility for an upcoming market research survey, followed by the full paid survey questionnaire to answer should their demographic profile match the needs of the current research study. ACOP pays American panelists by check and international survey panel members by American Express gift cheques which can be used just like travellers cheques anywhere in the world.


Ciao is looking for the opinion of survey respondents from America and selected European countries. You can give your opinion in two ways at Ciao. There is a consumer review platform where members can get paid to write reviews on products and services they have experience of (anything from a packet of crisps to a Ferrari!) and an internet survey panel where members are paid cash for answering surveys sent via e-mail. Payment at Ciao is made via direct bank transfer. Ciao! Surveys: Speak your mind and earn some cash! UK only: Click Here

Global Test Market

GTM are another international panel conducting online consumer research in many different countries and in multiple languages. Survey respondents may take surveys in over 30 different languages and be rewarded for their participation with reward points which may be cashed in for a dollar amount paid to you by cheque once you have achieved the minimum amount for a redemption.

Survey Savvy

Survey Savvy is the online division of Luth research, a leader in the field of market research for over 25 years. To date, Luth Research is purported to have paid out over $6 million to panelists who have responded to their questionnaires. Taking surveys online here will reward cash for every fully completed survey. In addition, if you have friends or family who might also be interested in joining this survey company and being paid to answer surveys then you can invite them using a special invitation link found in your account area and receive a $2 bonus for every survey they complete!

Synovate (U.S. Only)

Your opinion counts. And it might be worth $1000! Would you like to win $1000 just for telling us how you feel? Join the Synovate Consumer Opinion Panel and you’ll be eligible to win! Synovate is one of the world's largest research companies. We help companies make better products by providing them with your opinions on everyday items like food products, hair care, skin care, and household cleaning products. Sound interesting? As a Consumer Opinion Panel member, you'll make a difference by taking simple online surveys at your convenience. Registration is quick, there's no contract, and we'll never share your personal information. Plus, every month you participate, you'll be entered to win $1000! Synovate is a leading U.S.-based full service global marketing research consulting and information company. Providing services to consumer-packaged goods companies as well as to automotive, pharmaceuticals and other industries, Synovate is ranked as 1 of the top 10 global custom marketing research companies. (US only) Click Here

SurveySpot (USA, Canada & UK Only)

How would you like to have a voice in the marketplace and be rewarded for it? We are currently looking for people to voice their opinions on a variety of topics from entertainment to beverages - and here's the best part: You'll be entered in a drawing for one of over 100 prizes worth a total of $10,000, you'll take fun, interesting surveys and let your voice be heard! When you join SurveySpot, we'll send you e-mail invitations to take part in short, fun surveys online. There's no commitment; you can take as many or as few surveys as you like. Just for joining SurveySpot, we'll enter your name into a drawing for over 100 prizes worth a total of $10,000 and there are more cash prize drawings every time you take a survey! Your opinions will help companies to develop better products and services and help shape the future. Join SurveySpot today...and win! (US, Canada and UK) Click Here

Greenfield Online (USA Only)

Your opinion counts. Join the Greenfield Online panel and participate in fun and interesting surveys! Your participation in projects with Greenfield Online directly influences the way companies develop products, policies, and services to better meet your consumer needs. Join the Greenfield Online community and be entered into our monthly drawing for prizes totaling $5,000. You will also have the chance to win hundreds of other cash and merchandise prizes for participating in our online surveys. By giving your feedback, you can help businesses develop new products and services that work for you. Participation is absolutely free, and all information is strictly confidential. To join, simply click the link below and complete the initial registration form. We look forward to hearing your opinions. (US only) Click Here

NFO MySurvey

Active throughout the contigious 48 States of America this market research company has been surveying the opinions of Americans and people around the world since the mid 1940's. These days NFO claims to be the world's largest consumer panel with offices in 38 countries around the world. NFO MySurvey will send you email surveys to complete, products to test and may invite you to answer telephone surveys should you so desire. Their panel is fully opt in and each survey will reward you with points which can be exchanged for cash, prizes or charitable donation. When you register for the NFO survey panel you will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win $10,000 and each day one lucky survey panel member wins $100 worth of points in the daily raffle.